SuperCats are twin-hulled fast ferry catamarans measuring an average of 35 to 45 meters in length cruising at speeds of up to 34 knots (63 kilometers per hour). This means cutting travel time between the ports by more than 50%.

All SuperCat vessels boast of comfortable airline-type seats, are fully air-conditioned and have wall to wall carpeting with a canteen / mini bar to delight your cravings while on board. A 35-meter SuperCat has an average seating capacity of 245 passengers and a 40-meter catamaran can carry as much as 306 passengers.

They are equipped with advanced safety and navigational equipment like the computer controlled Motion Dampening System (MDS). This hydraulically operated stabilizer assures maximum comfort as the vessel glides over rough waves. Its waterjet propulsion features impellers that create a smooth and quiet journey. Another state of the art feature is night vision capability that allows navigation at night even at speeds of 32 knots because of powerful camera lenses that amplify objects by 250,000 fold through an image intensifier.
Night vision produces a picture on a television screen in the control panel of the Captain, providing the appearance of a daylight picture. In total darkness or difficult lighting, this enhancement is augmented by an infrared illuminator that forms the heart of the system to heighten the contrast of objects in the path of the craft. SuperCat values the safety and comfort of its passengers.

Though our vessels are equipped with sophisticated computer-based navigational equipment, safety management training and weekly drills are conducted to ensure swift and professional response to any emergencies on board. In 1998, SuperCat vessels were conferred an International Safety Management accreditation, proving the value of investing millions of pesos in training its marine crew and land-based personnel.

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